Outside 90 Grooved Mud Heads

(OA90 & OA90-325)

Proportionate grooves give you a consistent mud distribution on the 90 degree outside angles and speeds up the pre-filling process. Made out of UHMW, the strong durable design makes these Mud Heads the best on the market.


  • Available in Outside 90° angle
  • OA90-325 for 325 No-Coat
  • Quick release clip
  • Channeled grooves for evenly dispersed mud and controlled flow
  • Long lasting, durable and strong
  • Machined using top quality Ultra High Molecular Weight materials
  • Machined in our state of the art facility in Canada

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    • The Columbia External 90 ° Mud Applicator works for all sizes of outside bead as it puts out 3 layers of mud, one in the middle, and one on each side. The amount of pressure applied to the tube will dictate how much mud you need for larger or smaller bead.
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