The Predator Family is Expanding

Columbia was the first to introduce Carbon Fiber into the drywall tool market in 2018 with the Predator Taper. We are now proud to introduce the new additions to the Predator Family. These tools are handmade from Carbon Fiber, which allows them to be significantly lighter, stronger, dent proof and remain warm to the touch.

New Tools:

  • Predator Compound Tube 42″ (PCMT42) 18% lighter
  • Predator Cam-lock Tube 42″ (PCLT42) 23% lighter
  • Predator Hot Mud Pump (PHMP) 10% lighter
  • Predator Columbia One Handle Extendable 3-5′ (PC1HEXT) 14% lighter
  • Predator Columbia One Handle (PC1H) 35% lighter
  • Predator Columbia Handle XL (4-8′) 11% lighter
  • Predator Matrix Handle Short 29″-39″ (PMHS) 6% lighter
  • Predator Matrix Handle 40″-60″ (PMH) 8% lighter
  • Predator Matrix Handle Long 56″-76″ 11% lighter
  • Handmade from Carbon Fiber
  • Significantly lighter
  • Dent proof/high stiffness and strength
  • Stable temperature and remains warm to the touch
  • Additional grip compared to aluminium

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    • The Columbia Automatic Taper is a precision built tool that has been perfected over 40 years. This tool will tape flats and angles effortlessly year after year. From less drag in the corners to any easy to remove cap for cleaning, this tool will not let you down.
    • We are very proud to offer this tool. After using it, people agree they would never go back to the standard pump again. The Tallboy is a mud pump that will allow you to stand upright while filling your tools. The extra height also allows for use in a 30 gallon pale for those who want to cut down on mixing time.
    • (HMP) What a workhorse this tool is. Built to perform in the toughest environment, our pump smoothly and quickly fills your tools. With a 20 degree angle, the handle acts as a lever and keeps the operator from having to reach as far as other models on the market.

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