Our Warranty | Columbia Taping Tools 5 Year Warranty


Every Columbia automatic taping tool comes with a five year limited warranty (excluding wear parts) and a 90 day unconditional warranty. Our semi automatic line is covered by a 90 day warranty. We’re proud to manufacture the highest quality taping tools in the world, and we’re even prouder to stand behind them.


All manufacturing defects are covered under your warranty for five years. If your automatic taper, or any other Columbia automatic tool, breaks or becomes unusable within five years, we’ll repair it or replace it for you absolutely free of charge. Tools can take a beating on the job site, so normal wear and tear happens, but you can rest assured that we stand behind the durability of our products and the quality of our manufacturing.


If you have a warranty claim, or an issue with any Columbia product, please contact the dealer you purchased the product from. They will be able to process your warranty claim quickly. Sometimes if a tool isn’t quite working out right, it can just be learning the correct technique to use it. In those cases, we’re happy to call you and offer tips on the best way to use your Columbia tool, and provide links to instructional videos so you can get the most of out of your tool investment.


We’re sure you get the message by now that we stand behind everything we make. Our greatest commitment to quality starts before the tool ever reaches your hands, during the tool design phase. We think about every aspect of the tool before ever producing a prototype, things like selecting the best materials from the best suppliers, and investing in the highest quality machining equipment. After being run on our CNC machines, each Columbia product is hand-assembled in North America then thoroughly checked for quality control before being shipped out to our worldwide dealer network.