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This program was started out of a need to thank the loyal and vocal Columbia users online. We noticed that many of our customers were giving their time and talent to post amazing content about our tools and we wanted to give something back. The program has been running for 3 years now and we’re very happy with how it is growing.


We select new Ambassadors every year and pay special attention to those accounts that are already using, and making content about, Columbia Tools. We also look at your location, your following, your engagement in the online drywall community, among many other things.


As we said above, we select a new group of Ambassadors every year. Keep an eye out on our social media channels in November. We put a call out for applications and give you all the details on how to submit it.


Our Brand Ambassadors get to place an order with us as soon as they are named to the program. This can include tools to replace what they already have or tools they have never used and would like to try. We also send our Ambassadors all of our new launches/releases, as well as any upgrades throughout the year. We work closely with our Ambassadors to promote their accounts, and many of our past Ambassadors have gone on to work with other companies/corporations to receive more complimentary trips, swag, and products!


In November, we will put a call out for applications for the next year’s group of Ambassdors. Be sure to submit your application so that you can have a chance to be involved!


The online drywall community is supportive, knowledgable, informative and inclusive. It has slowly moved from forums and websites to social media networks. On Facebook, you can take part by joining some of the Drywall related groups… there are hundreds!

On Instagram, try following some of these hashtags: #columbiatools #drywall #drywallnation #drywallfinisher or even #skilledtrades.

Start posting your work, both photos and videos, and chatting to other Finishers about your technique and/or tips and tricks that work for you. You’ll be entrenched before you know it (and armed with new skills and ideas!).





As the owner of Meg’s Drywall, operating in Ontario, Canada, I work mainly in new residential construction and renovation. My interest in drywall began in 2003, when I was told “I couldn’t do it because I was a women”. Years later, I have proven my self as a highly skilled drywaller which allows me to also focus on mentoring women to enter into trades. I volunteer my time presenting in high schools to young women at “Try the Trades” night sessions. Having consistently used Columbia tools for many years (they make my work better and easier!), was the driving factor that made me apply to be a Columbia brand ambassador. Being a brand ambassador provides me an opportunity to demonstrate to more women that we can drywall and be awesome at it. I am thankful to Columbia for your unfailing support and encouragement!


We are a small local company in Honolulu, Hawaii names C & S Drywall. Specializing in interior and exterior plaster with over 18 years experience. I am a second generation taper and previously worked in the Tapers Union for 15 years. Although we do all our hanging and exterior plaster, taping continues to be my passion. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Columbia family. Aloha!

Sean Murray – @drywall_repair_solutions

I started in drywall right after high school. Then worked as a sub contractor for a number of years. I started my own business in 2001 and have dealt with the ups and downs of that since. 🙂 Nowadays I do a lot of repairs and remodels, and I also do some work for a few custom builders finishing and texturing homes for them. I have my 20 year old son help me. I still love the trade even after all these years!

Joshua Duggins – @Paps_mudmaddness

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I found my passion for finishing drywall in 2002 while living in Georgia looking for a job to support my growing family. After searching and searching for a job, I look out the window to see my neighbor washing tools. I approach him and ask if needs help? He looks at me then hands me a tool that reads Columbia Tools. He hands me a hose and says I want all this mud off! The next day, he had me on the job site learning the corner roller… I’m forever grateful and feel blessed that Jeff took a chance on a big head 18 year old kid! As of now I’m back in New York staying pretty consistent, working on custom residential and commercial projects and trying to stay open minded to my fellow finishers out there running great systems. Becoming a Columbia Tools ambassador is full circle for me as the tools have been a part of my drywall life and I know first hand how great they are! It’s an honor to be a part of such a prestigious family!

Justin Strudwick – @Strudwick_plastering

My name is Justin Strudwick. I’m 25 years old and I’m an Australian plasterer. I have been in the trade for around 10 years. I mainly do residential jobs but also the odd commercial here and there. I’m so honoured to be apart of the Columbia tools team. I remember purchasing my first set of Columbia fat boy boxes and I was amazed on how great the quality was! Just makes the job so much easier. Since then, I have purchased many more Columbia tools and swear by them! They look cool too. Columbia Tools have helped me achieve the finish I require to have a successful business and due to those reasons I’ll be using Columbia tools for as long as I’m in this trade.

Steve – @BuiltToughToolTalk

My name is Steve and I am from Ontario, Canada. I started in the trades at an early age, around 18 years ago. I began doing drywall and drywall finishing for the first time 5 years, branched off to different trades for a while, and then found myself back doing drywall as that is my passion. At first I started in residential, but now do mostly commercial. Originally I was a hand taper until a couple of years ago when I got my first set of Columbia angle tools. It sped up my projects and enhanced my work. I am very happy to be a part of the ambassador program this year.

Kevin Lebaron – @Putch8

My name is Kevin Lebaron, but social media may know me by different names, putch8 on tiktok and putchdrywall on Instagram. I am 21 years old and I’m part owner of a small drywall company called Bigsky Drywall. I am originally from Mexico. My brother and I moved to Bozeman, Montana back in 2016 and have been doing drywall ever since. Drywall has been in my family for generations and I’m happy to keep that going. I became part of the Columbia Ambassador team this 2021 and couldn’t be more excited to join the fam. Their high quality tools make my life a lot easier when on the job.

Britt & Jeka Priluchnyi – @priluchnyisdrywall

We are a husband and wife drywall duo, living in Southern Maine. Jeka has 22 years of drywall hanging and finishing experience, which started in his home country of Russia. I (Britt) have been doing drywall hanging and finishing for 3 years now. Learning everything from Jeka, loving it, and progressing more every day. We do additions, remodelling, new builds and everything in between. We are very passionate about our work, and are very excited to be part of the Columbia Tools Ambassador team!

LeBaron Twins – @LebaronTwinsDrywall

We are LeBaron Twins, 21 years old from Salt Lake City, Utah. My family has been in construction for generations and we’re happy to continue the trend with Columbia Tools. We specialize in residential apartments and with the help of Columbia Tools, we’re able to surpass the schedule and continuously over perform.

Travis Berkhous – @TBerk4work

I’m Travis Berkhous Sr. from northwestern Pennsylvania. I grew up on drywall job sites. My father started hanging and finishing drywall for himself in the 1950s. That put me in my position to start my own company. My passion for hanging and finishing drywall naturally comes deep with in my soul. I mainly stick to residential homes and love restoring Victorian houses built in the birth place of the oil industry. Hearing, “beautiful job” and being told I am second to none never gets old! We used the original tool systems when they first came out. When I decided it was time for me to get upgraded, it didn’t take me long to figure out Columbia tools was my definite choice. With the company research I did I felt confident that my investment on the tools was already protected based on the pride they take in making the tools. Being a brand ambassador for Columbia tools makes me more proud and feel more accomplished as I carry my family’s torch. I am very grateful for our trade, as well as the vast differences there are between super high quality professionals and being mediocre. I personally will never look anywhere else for the tools I need to help guide my projects to perfection, and suggest you to do the same. You won’t regret it!