Inside Track Conversion Kit


The NEW Inside Track Conversion Kit allows customers to easily and quickly convert their regular or Fat Boy axle boxes, to inside track boxes. These kits are available for 5.5″ to 14″ boxes. Excludes automatic boxes.

Link to installation video on kit.


  • 2 – FFB36 Box Wheel New Style
  • 2 – FFB37 Flat Box Wheel New Style
  • 2 – FFB38 Bushings
  • 2 – FFB39 Axel Wheel Screw
  • 2 – FA268 #10 Flat Washer
  • 6 – FA247 6-32 x 5/8″ Hex Bolt
  • 1 – ITFB38-L IT Wheel Bracket Left
  • 1 – ITFB38-R IT Wheel Bracket Right


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