Travis Berkhous – @TBerk4work

I’m Travis Berkhous Sr. from northwestern Pennsylvania. I grew up on drywall job sites. My father started hanging and finishing drywall for himself in the 1950s. That put me in my position to start my own company. My passion for hanging and finishing drywall naturally comes deep with in my soul. I mainly stick to residential homes and love restoring Victorian houses built in the birth place of the oil industry. Hearing, “beautiful job” and being told I am second to none never gets old! We used the original tool systems when they first came out. When I decided it was time for me to get upgraded, it didn’t take me long to figure out Columbia tools was my definite choice. With the company research I did I felt confident that my investment on the tools was already protected based on the pride they take in making the tools. Being a brand ambassador for Columbia tools makes me more proud and feel more accomplished as I carry my family’s torch. I am very grateful for our trade, as well as the vast differences there are between super high quality professionals and being mediocre. I personally will never look anywhere else for the tools I need to help guide my projects to perfection, and suggest you to do the same. You won’t regret it!