Joshua Duggins – @Paps_mudmaddness

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I found my passion for finishing drywall in 2002 while living in Georgia looking for a job to support my growing family. After searching and searching for a job, I look out the window to see my neighbor washing tools. I approach him and ask if needs help? He looks at me then hands me a tool that reads Columbia Tools. He hands me a hose and says I want all this mud off! The next day, he had me on the job site learning the corner roller… I’m forever grateful and feel blessed that Jeff took a chance on a big head 18 year old kid! As of now I’m back in New York staying pretty consistent, working on custom residential and commercial projects and trying to stay open minded to my fellow finishers out there running great systems. Becoming a Columbia Tools ambassador is full circle for me as the tools have been a part of my drywall life and I know first hand how great they are! It’s an honor to be a part of such a prestigious family!